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How GATHER responded to pandemic

GATHER Network International in response to the world wide economic disaster in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic is responding with food relief in Bolivia and India. We are also training our Brothers and Sisters working in Africa and Bolivia how to address food security at the community level. We believe that the local church can respond if they are equipped with knowledge and financial support. GATHER is a proponent of teaching sustainable food production practices.Slowly communities are responding. We are introducing urban food production practices. We have long trained rural families to diversify their small parcel production to protect from mono-crop failures. Safe food storage is also very urgently needed in the face of pest infestations. Pray with us as restrictions are lifted that reasonable precautions keep the virus under control and that people can begin to work again. Many of the poorest are day workers who are earning nothing. Their families go hungry and they can not pay on any debts they may have. Under these circumstances many will become homeless.

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