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All over the world, life as we expect it has come to a dramatic managed slow down. Reports from two of our supported ministry areas cry out to us to pray without ceasing . In Bolivia the medical infrastructure is fragile on an everyday basis so there is no way it can meet the demands of this pandemic. India has better medical resources in many ways but their population demands would overwhelm them. In many cases our bi-vocational pastors will have no income because they are often self employed and in a shuttered business. We, in the US, feel some anxiety,however our communities are supported by a multilayered system of safety nets. Prayer and Trust in our Creator Redeemer is essential. Intercede for these Dear Ones please. When people express a feeling of hopelessness share your hope in Christ Jesus in Love. Read God’s Word that it will fill you with the resources you need to do so. Be mindful of the direction of the authorities over you. Distance, wash your hands, sanitize , and protect the vulnerable.

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