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South America 

The main region of South America in which Gather supports ministries is in the South East and Central Regions of the Country of Bolivia. Gather supports these different ministries through grant based programs, promoting Church Initiated Christian Community Development


Church Initiated Christian Community Development 

  • Management of the Resource Center located in the Berlin Zone region is Lead by Reuben Chuyma 

  • Livestock development and re-population strategies is lead by Theofilo Choque:  

  • Youth Leadership development in the Berlin Zone region is lead by Reuben Choque 

  • Holistic community, healthy family development program is lead by Alcides Aramayo, in the Charagua region.

  • Management of the Central Resource Center in Santa Cruz is lead by Renato Reyes 

Berlin For Christ   
Theological Education By Extension 

Berlin for Christ is a grassroots movement started by 6 pastors in the Berlin Colony. This was spearheaded by Reuben and Elisa Chuyma along with Reuben Choque, committing to evangelize the communities of the Berlin colony. Which is located  east of Santa Cruz Bolivia 


This program allows students to pursue certificates of accomplishment in theological education. As well as a 4 year degree, it is through churches in both rural and urban settings. It allows 

 students to remain in their communities while they learn. By using our unique radio bible school program, lesson material is available for students. As well as tutoring and testing, for the program is available in other local communities. this is a partnership ministries with SETA Publishing and Certification ministry. 

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